specialized dermatological products

for atopic and scaly skin care

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Developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
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a delicate formula
also for children 3+
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do not contain
parabens and silicones
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Serum in a gel formula intensively hydrates the skin even up to 12 hours and effectively protects it from external factors. It reduces dryness and roughness of the skin and intensively softens, relieving itchiness. The serum regenerates, brings relief to the skin as well as soothes irritations and redness.

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for use on extremely dry, rough, red and scaly spots (e.g. elbows, knees, hands, face)
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pleasant to use, creates a satin protective film, without the effect of oily and sticky skin
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the effect of moisturized skin lasts up to 12 hours

50 ml dermocosmetic

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Nivelium produkt

effectively moisturizes and protects

visibly softens, relieving the feeling of itching

soothes and alleviates

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emollient body lotion

A light body lotion in the form of an emulsion creates a barrier that protects the skin against drying and the reappearance of dryness and roughness.

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for daily use on the whole body
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does not leave an effect of oily and sticky skin
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97% of respondents confirmed that the lotion reduces the incidence of irritation, redness, itching and dryness of the skin

180 ml dermocosmetic

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Nivelium produkt

intensively moisturizes
and regenerates

visibly softens,
relieving the feeling
of itching and tension

restores smoothness
and elasticity

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cream shampoo

Shampoo in a cream form effectively cleanses the scalp and hair. It provides optimum hydration and the regeneration of the atopic and scaly skin, and, in addition, it improves the appearance and condition of the hair.

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for everyday use or as needed, does not make the hair greasy
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does not contain parabens and silicones, SLS, SLES and soap
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visible reduction of all symptoms caused by dry skin after only a few days of use

150 ml dermocosmetic

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Nivelium produkt Nivelium produkt

cleanses the scalp
and hair

moisturizes and softens,
reducing the feeling
of itching

reduces dryness,
roughness and tension

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nivelium – atopic and scaly skin care

nivelium is a line of specialized dermatological preparations designed for atopic (especially sensitive, delicate, dry) and scaly skin care.

Their action is focused on the reconstruction of the natural moisturizing factor NMF and strengthening of the skin’s immune functions.

a complex of substances that reconstruct the natural moisturizing agent NMF

consists of amino acids, urea, α-hydroxy acids (AHA) and their salts as well as pyrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA).

The complex reconstructs the natural moisturizing agent NMF, supporting moisturizing of the skin and preventing epidermal loss of water, thereby preventing skin dehydration and re-occurrence of excessive dryness. It reconstructs the hydrolipid layer of the skin and strengthens its immune functions.

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